How to Transform Small Bathrooms Into Airy Spaces

We all believe that big is beautiful as far as homes are concerned. But the truth is far from it. Smaller houses and rooms can be both convenient and beautiful in many ways. The same holds true regarding bathrooms, too. In olden times, bathrooms used to be invariably small and dingy. But now people want them to be big, airy and convenient. This is the basic reason why there is hectic activity presently on the bathroom front both in our homes as well as the market. AquantIndia offers you a wide variety of products that will allow you to enjoy pleasant moments thanks to the revitalizing energy of water. People are trying to bring their small bathrooms at par with the modern and convenient ones of our times through careful remodeling and reshaping. A good modern bathroom should customarily contain all amenities that include shower enclosures, bathroom suites, bath furniture etc. Doubts are regularly expressed about the practicality of installing all these in a small bathroom. But space constraint is not an excuse for excluding these modern amenities from your bathroom.Presently, the market is flooded with different bathroom materials of differing sizes to suit bathrooms of any size. If your bathroom is smaller in size, you can compensate for that by installing all the paraphernalia in a space-efficient manner. You can place sinks at the corners, install shower cubicles in custom-made recesses, buy bathroom furniture that fits into a designated space and mount bathroom suite against the far-end wall of the bathroom.It is also possible to increase the ventilation and impart an airy feel to your bathroom by installing bigger mirrors, enlarging the windows and using lighter color schemes. Through careful planning, every inch can be put by you of your bathroom into use. Modern bathrooms see a lot of traffic due to the increasing pattern among professionals to spend extended periods of time there grooming themselves physically and refreshing mentally. But bathroom elements jutting out from every part can greatly hamper motion and can even cause injuries. The case becomes more acute in case of smaller bathrooms.But this problem can be done away with by using sinks, furniture, vanity models etc getting rounded and steady edges. In addition, you can use tiles that resist water accumulation and are not slippery. Placing a big mirror on one wall of the bathroom can definitely give an airy feel in addition to improving the ambience of your bathroom.Bathroom decoration is really a developed field now. There are numerous professionals in this field. In addition, you could find umpteen books and brochures, both printed and online, which can help you in your endeavor to make your smaller bathroom look bigger and more practical. While bigger bathrooms have no space constraints to restriction the design scheme, smaller ones do not have such liberties. As a result, a carefully planned technique is advised. But there is no doubt that thoughtful planning and execution of design concepts can customarily bring small bathrooms at par with larger ones, both in aesthetics and efficiency. So please do not put off remolding your small bathroom just because you feel that there is not enough space. After all, interior designing is an art where you create spaces out of places where there is virtually none.

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